Manouvering StatisticsEdit

Acceleration: 4 (1 with Oars)

Travel Speed: 2 (2 with Oars)

Top Speed: 3 (3 with Oars)

Handling: +1 (Additional +1 to avoid running aground)

Crew: 3+6 (6+3 with Oars)

Combat StatisticsEdit

Toughness: 13(2)

Guns: 2 8-Pounders

Masts: 1

Cargo DetailsEdit

Cargo Spaces: 3

  • Current Cargo :

Stores Spaces: 50

  • Current Provisions :

Repair DetailsEdit

Typical Repair Costs: 110 pieces of Eight per wound/critical

Careening Costs: 1100 pieces of Eight

  • Date of Last Careening: 6th July

Notes and UpgradesEdit

  • Sweeps (Statistics Noted Above) - The Belinda is Equipped with Oars
  • Shallow Draft (Statistics Noted Above) - The Belinda is designed for inshore waters.
  • Barnacle Infestation - The Belinda requires Careening once every 2 months, rather than once every 6.

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