GM's JournalEdit

A Record of the Actions of our heroes, from the GM's perspective. Might be useful for heroes wishing to write their own journals!

Find the GM's Journal here.

GM's HandoutsEdit

Items that have been created as visual aides for the campaign.

Campaign GoalsEdit

Quests, Missions and Plot Twists that have come up, and may come up again.


Cracks in the Stonework : The Mages of Bluth's Crown need assistance.

Do the Right Thing : Azy Anglesea offers a refuge for women in need.

Revolutionaries : A Merchant in Marsales is looking for a crew to carry a sensitive cargo.

Not StartedEdit

The Dark Tower : An old Sea Dog tells a tale of the Dead Walking!

The Rising Tide : A Scurillian claims that the thousand isle's will be gone in a matter of years!

Floral Extract : Inardal is offered a lucrative, if illegal, trading opportunity.


The Black Prince : A Ghostly Captain asks for aid, but turns out to be hiding something!

Cartographic Expedition : Mapping the coastline of Cuwayo could prove lucrative.

Shallow Grave : A Citizen of Jomba Town has concerns about the Council.

The Ghost Trail : People are going missing on the trail between Jombat Town and Calib's Rock.

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