Proprietor of the "Dog and Monkey" and outspoken opponent of the Jomba Town Council, Alfredo has more than a few scars from floggings to attest to both the cruelty and pragmatism of the Council. They could not simply kill a man with so high a profile, but still dealt with thim as severly as they could nonetheless.

It is in his bar that the crew are approached by a stranger who drinks there for the anti-council rhetoric as much as anything else as he has discovered a Shallow Grave.

Later DevelopmentsEdit

After the Jomba Town Council is shown to have been involved in several murders - including that of the towns founder, Jomba, Alfredo is elected as the Mayor of Jomba Town - though he still keeps his business at the Dog and Monkey.

As long as he is in charge, the Crew are guaranteed a warm welcome in Jomba Town.

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